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Презентация выступления Евгения Минченко на международной конференции по энергетике

26-27 апреля 2010 г. Евгения Минченко выступил на международной конференции по энергетике в Праге "One year after Barcelona: What changes in European /World Energy Markets?". Организатор концеренции - WORLD INDEPENDENT ENERGY NETWORK (Baden-Baden Group).

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Gas agreement

Broader context

  • 40 bln losses of Russia is a mith
  • Lot of russian shareholders in metallurgy
  • Interest in chemicals
  • Interest in chemicals
  • Cooperation in nuclear, aviation, shipbuilding, oil
  • Fleet is impotent too

Elite game

  • Defeat of globalists and importers
  • Win of exporters
  • New Ukranian informal coalition (metallurgy, chemicals, nuclear, coal, engeneering ) - businessmen from Party of Regions, Our Ukraine, Timoshenko
  • New Russian informal coalition ( Gazprom + Sechin + private business)


  • Problems with Rosukrenergo and Privat (11, 8,5, 7,5 bln bcm )
  • Decreasing gas transit
  • Fear of Russian expansion
  • Struggle inside of coalitiion
  • Intertanional competition (new metallurgy plants in Asia)
  • Change of regime in Ukraine


  • Possibility of reexport . It is prohibited but…
  • Success of reforms
  • Place of Europe
  • Role of US

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